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What is poetry Vs hip-hop?

Poetry vs. Hip-Hop is a national tour founded in Atlanta, GA at the world famous Apache Cafe.


Hosted by Internationally Award Winning Poet & Comedian Queen Sheba as seen on Verses & Flow 106 & Park Apollo Theater and 9-Year-Host Famous 4th Sundays, in Atlanta, leads ‪#‎TeamPoetry‬ against guest Captain of the selectedemcess on #TeamHipHop.

In each city we look for the 5 best poets to side with Queen Sheba on #TeamPoetry and we look for a roving, guest 'Captain' of the emcees + Hip-Hop artists to oppose the poets and see who's got the best lyrics & stage show!

How it works: 5 Poets will go head-to-head with 5 Emcees in a FRIENDLY, all Peace and all Love "battle". Queen Sheba will call up one poet and one emcee for each round, they are REQUIRED to hug (or dap or show each other love in some way) to emphasize the bridging of gaps and culture - then the Poet and the Emcee performs one at a time; and the audience chooses the winner of each head-to-head round.

What do you win?!: Bragging rights! Connections, new friends, networking. Healing people's hearts. Saving someone from a messed up relationship. These are all the things you REALLY win! And then, you get to Snapchat all your friends and tell them you won your round and your team won the battle! Most shows, the winners of each round get to choose between a mystery envelope with a small cash stipend -OR- some Poetry vs. Hip-Hop (PvHH) swag. YAY! Chicken and Waffles for everyone!

At the end of the show: Audience members are introduced to the best Poetry, Spoken Word & Hip-Hop your perspective city has to offer and you will leave feeling empowered and light-hearted, cheering, hugging and taking picture with everyone! The artists are reminded they are the pulse of their community and are continued to be inspired to produce great works to heal the world.

...and our small, touring, crew that makes up PvHH goes back to our hotel room, or Airbnb or someone's home who was kind enough to house us ... feeling fulfilled and exhausted .... ready to plan our next trip! (Hint...hint... this means bring us to your city!)


+ Soundtrack by: International spin-master DJ Knodat

Featured Artits TBD in each city

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We are booking for

Fall 2017 through Spring 2018


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